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Rally Championship Game

Rally Championship Game

Sometimes a game; It is overstated, more about the release of dozens of fan site is not in the drop-down games. But sometimes a game like this gives you much higher. From the standpoint of Mobil 1 Rally Championship (has nothing to do with Sega Rally Championship) is a game of this type.



Almost from the beginning. This game Need for Speed series or Episode 1 Racer does not appeal to fans like arcade racing. Leave it to a good simulations or car can have fun in this game, everyone reveling discourages long periods of time but this is the fastest way to your opponents, know your mind this game not for you.


United Kingdom in the form of a collection of the various routes that one Rally races. Each race consists of separate stages in itself again. So when you are finished you can still catch a stage finished a race, she must complete all the stages in the race. In the same way it is necessary to complete the races to complete the rally.


Between the different stages of this rally to be repaired in some places cars service areas. But these stations is different from Formula 1 competition in the pit. Why do you say the speed of technical skill and pit technician group can save sailor advantage (e.g. 4 wheel 45 seconds when Ferrari team 40 seconds if it is a great advantage for Ferrari). United Kingdom rally, while each sailor in the same period of the previous stage, the remaining damage is repaired.


Naturally, this adds a depth of strategy race. You have finished your a phase, and may be damaged but only when they are given to you, if it is sufficient to repair the next phase in which the Assembly will be the biggest factor. Example: the next phase in a rainy rain and brakes repair how wheels means.


The purpose of the Rally Championship is basically United Kingdom rally is a game to simulate. And believe me it's very good.