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Nocturne  Game


Nocturne Game

You are at the beginning of the street. Very cold, freezing a breeze. Comes from the dark lane that has been lost between strange sounds. Your are on the smoke suddenly red Laserpointer. You start walking. The strange sound is approaching more and more. Aqua-vampire. It's up to two just one magazine. It is much more than one you see above and between the tarnish feels right to you. Pointer to flush all your crazily. The strange sound is no longer suffering yelling. Just contemplating the last sounds. All of a sudden you hear a sound of breaking up and dead up on the ground. When you go over to where we are seeing that as a – blood in fragmented. Here's one of the more skillful Street by saying he died. And stands behind only traces of blood on the bottom of ploughed....

I started such an atmosphere to Nocturne. I guess what it is the first up and down. Nevertheless, if you need to work with a few words: Wonder, AWE, to explain as maximum adrenaline secreted and certainly more playing request.


Unlike the present or the future of the game is also not exactly. at the beginning of the 20th century. Starring Stranger, all throughout the game, full of mystery, and that acts of exceptional charismatic gray, Blacks have an agent in that time American President Theodore Roosevelt. Stranger, founded in 1902 by the FBI-like, supernatural events, and running and task in connection with an organization called Spookhouse, which examine the killings. Demonstrated success in previous missions, and to new tasks dialog still Stranger is experienced. Game in chronological order, separated by section 4. These sections, the first in Germany in 1927. Stranger in this section, a special move called Yathfoe-Gyoule an immortal named Count, and maintains his Voicu – trying to import. The second section is undergoing investigation in Texas in 1931 hunt. In this section, and zombie train. In the third chapter in 1933 in Chicago are trying to eliminate a zombie-producing factory. Al Capone's Police detain 21 suspected and German scientists working to you are attempting to reach before him dead again portrayed by liquid. And in 1935. This section is also a member of the old set of creatures in battle organization.


Continuous alone. At the beginning of the game you (do you like it or not at all) as opposed to a half-vampire. Speaking to Russian accent, but later this combative woman missing following this solo work is going to appeal to more than seven Stranger 's. Each section is divided into 5 different specific parts of the level. This places on the map that is passed to another floor, or another part of the forces of places a section break.

Worms 2

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