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Civilization: Call to Power Game

Very fact that strategy games. Oh, do not find gold, wood cut, comes the enemy attack, even before you! A kind of more than one at the same time with all of them (especially in the battles too ..!) than in the first campaign, even while playing the easiest difficulty level, as well as computer, all the tiny. I doubt this is own work each time forcing human intelligence, of course. In short, to avoid feeling like an idiot for strategy games myself away.


But, one day, by accident I downloaded all the ideas from the demo then Civilization: Call to Power has changed. He get up for hours from the beginning, why so fleeting following the short when it comes to the game he was sorry, I got to go right away.


I probably don't know the name of Sid Meier. After the success of the extraordinary and Civ Civ II, set up his own company, Firaxis Games continuing legend man has forgotten to take the name of the Civ rights! [23] a terrible name with Microprose enters Activision after (it was the first two game of Microprose) Civ: Call to Power.


Our game is a turn-based strategy. A  game. At the beginning of the game you are given with two settler (city that built unit) setting and starting production you are installing. Around this time 4000 BC! A.d. 3000 will produce you will begin the development of the until. You can set up the desired political regime. If you want to set up a world, if you want a ' virtual democracy militaristic '. After all, if you don't like what you see when you come to the year 3000 A.d., remember, this is your masterpiece!


Civilization: Call to Power Game

The game's excellent easy to interface. to understand what works in other games as one of the quite place, I liked this very much. You can learn on your own, without the need to even the Tutorial. Micro-management is very important given the macro management, so click on over to do something every human being is also required. Working on his own record, (if) attacking enemies from relatives themselves see the results of all of these, and most importantly very good! As you step through images change as well, he drove one wonder of the ages (wonders of the world), feasting on your behalf when you diplomatic relations next suddenly very, very pleasant to take stakes.


The game is forcing you to progress, it is behind the mountains, now what do, who attacked me! Indeed, guerrilla attacks on, it is not possible to also understand who did it. The nearest her, bloody knife your enemy. Very intense diplomatic relations, it is also possible to reduce such situations by entering them, gold as a gift, you can call your own for training students, doesn't slather them with troops! Of course I would recommend you to a pacifist leader anyway, with everyone no matter your enemy, you will not see the year 3000 A.d., probably. If you lose half the cities are losing the game is entering an animation, to the dismay of the debris stretched out his hand with a soldier to die among you ' all your fault! '' he yells! I believe the first was only embarrassed!


I would like to mention in particular the quality of the graphics, for some reason usually turn-based games, the graphics are worse, real-time strategies is the opposite. Call to Power once drawn by hand, each unit does not have this problem in the game after each of the rolled-up and have a unique transaction shape. of course not too gaudy, but for hours from the beginning of the game, the better your health for such consideration. And music! This is a lovely music (I'm talking about in General, not the games) I believe I have heard very little. Close your eyes and sometimes leaves the game or something, just listen to the music.


If you say no you do not have the bad side, of course. Diplomatic relations are very close to ten seconds before you can start more than one State. OK, we can't expect to remain loyal to him, but nothing anyone has done against (or even ten seconds before the donkey has a gift of gold load!) people make it happen though. Soldiers sometimes is the most advanced ever, want a single gratuitous tasks barbarian can be invaded by many of the city and from say century devolution (So, if you are like me the barbarian threat ' ruins the settings menu starters, only ' I would recommend that you set the level). Some of the animations and the game does not suit the ' polygon ' poor. But all these the beauty of the game, a strategy game, had already received, if you are one of such games like me ' scared ', defeat of Civilization: Call To Power-phobia!